Meeting Minutes




17 July 2019

Meeting Minutes


Welcome and Introductions:

            Jerry Parrish, chairman, called the meeting of the Kansas VOAD to order at 10:00 a.m.    Parrish asked everyone to introduce themselves via a roll call.



            Attendees by conference call:  Jason Anderson, Convoy of Hope; Hollie Tapley, Great Plains Disaster Response; Brandon Holstrom, American Red Cross; Doug Meyers, American Red Cross; Pat Ireland, Presbytery of Northern Kansas; Wayne Stucky, Mennonite Disaster Service; Frank McCrary, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

                 Attendees in personJerry Parrish, Harvesters; Bruce Bartel, Kansas Food Bank; Ben Dykstra, World Renew; Amy Falcon, Catholic Charities of SWKS; Francois Erasmus, Adventist Community Services


Approval of Minutes:

            The April 17, 2019 Minutes were circulated.  Amy moved and Francois seconded that the minutes be approved.  The motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:

            The treasurer’s report was circulated by email and reviewed.  End of June the checking account had $926.4 balance and the CD had $3091.34 balance totaling $4017.75. The CD matures in September and we needed to determine what to do moving forward.  Jerry suggested a move at the time of CD maturity of $1000.00 to checking from the current CD with the rest ($2091.34) to be reinstituted under a new CD.  These funds will be used going forward for media, a table skirt and other purchases for marketing the Kansas VOAD.  The financial statement was approved as well as the movement of funds to the checking account.


Committee Reports:

            Membership Committee: Mark Stump was not present and no new information.

            Faith-Based Committee:  Francois stated the data base is hard to form due to a lack of response from churches.  Need a letter of introduction to the disaster area of helping.  Need diversity in the committee and asked for volunteers.  Kansas Interfaith Action Group was brought up as another possibility to help with congregations.  No luck with Ministerial Alliance Group or local faith centers.

LTR Committee:  Amy Falcon received four responses for gaining committee members.  Brandon also wants to be on representing the Red Cross.

Mass Care Committee:  Brandon Holstrom has received three names for the committee.  Need to work on coordination and formalize the group.


New Business:

            World Renew:  Ben Dykstra was on hand and talked about rapid response with Muck & Gut on flooded homes.  World Renew is available for needs assessment, case management and cost estimates.  They are involved in long term reconstruction as much as multi year.  He is building a team of volunteers and generally works with the local COAD’s during response.

            Tornado Clean-up:  Finishing up in Douglas County

            Flooding: Muck outs mostly finished but holding for a few counties.  Reno County is a house by house assessment and we might need more help because of the detailed work involved.  Marion in Peabody did five homes and rest were given cleaning kits.  Barton County has a handful of muck outs to be done.  Installing one pump and will communicate if Hollie Tapley is needed.  Please send muck out information to Hollie with address, etc. 

Harvesters is continuing to send water to the Perry Lake communities as they will be needing water through September due to flooded wells.  Water level needs to drop another ten feet before work can begin on well operation.

Need to improve communications and response with Emergency Management (KDEM).  Looking for a person or persons to sit in Emergency Operations Center in Topeka when EOC stands up during a disaster.  Take notes, share information and observe meetings for VOAD.

            Regional COAD’s:  After going to the National VOAD Conference and seeing how other state VOAD’s are operating, Jerry suggested we work toward having regional COAD’s that match up with the KEMA regions.  This would allow for better partnerships with the county EM’s to address each other’s needs and permit better communication and quicker response in disaster.  Most regions already have at least one COAD and many have more than one which would work fine as well. Currently we have no COAD’s in the Southeast Region and also checking to verify a COAD in the Northwest Region.  Jerry is working in both directions to get buy-in from the current COAD’s and talking with each KEMA region to create the partnership.  Working on an information package from the VOAD to inform the county EM’s how to get help and what the VOAD’s can do.  Once in place, the State VOAD will be able to work in tandem with regional COAD’s in efforts to bring help to affected disaster areas.

            DART:  National VOAD has presented the initial phase of rolling out DART (Disaster Assistance Response Technology).  The system gives three areas of access; Volunteer Management & Mobilization- In-Kind Donations Management- Client Connect – Initial Client Intake.  This technology will eventually be available for any VOAD member.  The roll out will continue on-line.  Our needs will be for a DART leader, DART Ops Manager, Subject matter experts and a State lead.


It was noted in our discussion that another system worth looking at was SCOPE for its ease of use. It is good for multi-state organizations for state to state use.


Terms of Office Discussions:  Jerry, Francois and Brandon are coming to the end of their terms of office which officially ends the end of December.  Jerry is willing to remain as State Chair for two more years and we need Brandon to stay on as Vice-chair for one more year in order to get the officer positions in place as stated in the by-laws.  Since we have no Nomination Committee we will put any and all nominations up for vote at the October meeting.

Chair - Jerry Parrish and any other nominations

Vice-chair for one more year - Brandon Holstrom and any other nominations

Treasurer – any nominations

Old Business:

            Matrix: Still working on final pieces.  Would have been helpful during latest disasters.

            Website Information: Go look at the website and look at the list of members and make sure your organization is up to date. (

            Public relations:  Get our name out on Facebook ads might be a direction for marketing.

Agency Reports:

-Jerry Parrish, Harvesters: Continue to provide water to Perry Lake communities.

-Hollie Tapley, Great Plains Disaster Response: Prep for zero rain – encourage homeowners to wait on drywall repair.  Has had to muck out homes two and three times.

-Doug Meyers, American Red Cross: Heavy rain still possible – Fall will change we hope.

-Pat Ireland, Presbytery of Northern Kansas: Not is a position to act too quickly – working at having groups ready.

-Wayne Stucky, Mennonite Disaster Service: Doing multi-state assessments.

-Amy Falcon, Catholic Charities: Working on Capacity Building Grant – Disaster focus in stewardship meetings.

Upcoming Meeting:

            Next meeting: The next meeting will be at 10:00 a.m. in Topeka on October 16, 2019. 



            There being no other business, Francois moved to adjourn and Amy seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,


Christine Campbell, Secretary

Kansas VOAD