Shawnee County Regional VOAD


Shawnee County Regional Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters

Meeting Minutes




               The meeting was held at the Shawnee County Health Department, 2600 East Circle Dr. , in Topeka, Kansas.  The meeting was called to order by Steve Christenberry, the Chair of the SNCO-RVOAD at 1:10 PM.  He thanked those in attendance for coming. Introductions were not necessary.



            Those community partners attending were:  Steve Christenberry – Family Service and Guidance Center and the SNCO-RVOAD Chair; Carolyn Buono – NATIONAL Crisis Response Canines, Extra Mile K9 Crisis Response, Kansas District LCMS Comfort Dog Ministry and the SNCO-RVOAD Secretary; Chris Wills – Valeo Behavioral Health; Ester Todd – SNCO Health Department; and Doug Meyers – American Red Cross.      



             The minutes for meetings held on December 20th which had been e-mailed to the group, and some copies were made available at the meeting. Chis moved that the meeting minutes be approved. Doug seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.  



            Jerry was not present to give a report. Both Carolyn and Steve joined the conference call meeting. Steve gave report summarizing our SNCO RVOAD activities.  The Kansas VOAD has a new secretary, Christine Campbell.  When she sends out the minutes, Carolyn will forward them to our membership.



The previously postponed Emergency Management Exercise will be held on the evening of 26 February at Capital Federal. It will be an active assailant exercise and will be testing law enforcement, fire and ems response. There will be no Mental Health play, but volunteers are for other roles are needed. Chris will be there as an evaluator.

The Full-Scale EM Exercise for those that need one will be held at a Washburn Rural school during Spring Break in March. It will test law enforcement, fire, plus medical including at a local hospital.


SNCO-RVOAD Website: Steve and Jerry still need to get together to work on this. Steve can’t figure out what to do from the instructions given.



Ester has agreed to serve as the Vice-Chair of the SNCO RVOAD.

Carolyn moved that the membership accept her offer, officially nominate and elect Ester as our Vice Chair.  Steve seconded the motion and it was unanimously passed.



Radio from CRC – Steve asked whether or not Ester should contact Mary Thomas about getting that radio that G.R. was using back, since Mary has never responded to the first Monday of the month, and CRC really isn’t a player these days.  Ester said she has a call in to Mary to ask about this.

Exercise plans – The possibility of testing the RVOD Volunteer Reception Center and Distribution Center Plans with The Shawnee County Health Department when they test there Point of Dispensing (POD) was discussed.

Storm Spotter Training Class – Doug said the class will be at Washburn University and will be held twice, in the afternoon and the evening, on March 4th.

Virtual EOC Link – Steve said that the link to this was not sent to us by EM as promised for this month’s ESF virtual meeting.  Not sure what happened and have heard nothing further from EM.



SNCO-RVOAD Meeting – Will be held on April 11th at 1:00pm. Chris will check on the availability of a room at Valeo.  Ester said the Health Department can be the backup location.



There being no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Carolyn Buono, Secretary